Veggie Burger Pita Pockets

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Veggie Burger Pita Pockets

Real falafel is a labour of love. Spend less time cooking and more time eating these pita pockets by making a simple switch with our All American Veggie Burger. Nestle in zingy homemade tzatziki, hummus and a mix of fresh veggies, and you’ve got a taste-packed pocket. Fresh-made tzatziki is the secret ingredient here -- and definitely worth the trouble of getting fresh dill and mint.

Serves 4 25 Minutes Intermediate


  • Mix together Tzatziki Sauce ingredients in a small bowl, just enough to combine. Prepare Amy’s Kitchen All American Veggie Burgers according to box instructions and assemble pitas with veggie toppings, hummus and sauce.

Pro tip

Think this dish sounds delicious but want to make it gluten free? Substitute Amy’s Kitchen Manhattan Veggie Burgers for our All American variety and serve over a bed of romaine.