Ingredients First

Ingredients First

Great flavour starts with great ingredients. We prefer to stay local, but we’ll go to the ends of the Earth if that’s where the most flavourful tomato happens to grow.

Our Family

In 1987, Andy and Rachel Berliner started Amy’s Kitchen based on a simple thought: There had to be more people out there like them who wanted quick and easy, organic vegetarian meals that tasted homemade. As it turned out, there were a lot more people than they ever imagined.

Hearty Minestrone

Chef Fred’s brother Steve, who runs an international cooking school near Tours, France, created the recipe for this hearty soup, rich with vegetables, grains and lentils. An unexpected hint of pesto adds an interesting twist to this Italian original.

Vegetable Lasagne

To create the rich flavour of this Italian favourite, we start with the best ingredients we can find. Tender organic spinach and courgettes, crisp organic carrots, perfectly balanced cheeses and organic tomato sauce made from scratch are layered between sheets of organic house-made pasta.

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